About Our Farm

Summer of 2020, we jumped into hemp farming and have not looked back! 

Here in Connecticut, we start every plant from seed, usually around June 1st after memorial day. 

Each plant gets tons of love and water everyday, we also make sure that each plant gets "fanned" which means taking off the bigger leaves to give more room and energy for the plant to fruit!

After a few months of growth, each plant gets tested through the department of agriculture. If a plant is beyond the legal limit, it gets destroyed! 

We tend to harvest around Late October, early November. 

Once harvest happens, we are usually very busy tending to the plants that will need to dry and cure properly to bring our clients the freshest healing plants around! 

We work with local small businesses to create the most unique hemp products around. 

For anyone looking on ways to get involved with farming please email us: info@lunaqueenalpha.com