Queens of Luna, who help her with crafting beauty skin and Preventative Care

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She's the Founder of Luna Wolf, smart & confident.  Pioneer Herbalist, Cuban Spice and everything nice. Helping others is her specialty. Denise lifts regularly, enjoys hiking and the outdoors! She loves to climb mountains and push people to be the best they can be!

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She's a  smart, confident, badass babe who gets stuff done, a Community Advocate, and an Outdoor educator! Peyton practices yoga regularly, snowboard instructor, life&wellness guru, and is often called the Dog Whisperer.


She's a laid back, down to earth female. Jen loves to explore nature, animals! she loves hiking, being in the water! she has found anxiety&Pain relief using cbd and continues to preach this magical healing plant! 

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Alison an intelligent, persuasive bad ass mom of three! she works hard to get things done.

She is an outdoorsy Virgo, loves animals and nature! Adult Romance Consultant and owner of My lovely Secret box!



She is an advocate for small sustainable agriculture, local business, and alternative medicines. She is a cat mom of two, a crafter, and spends time researching and experiencing the healing

 benefits of natural plant medicines.


Julia is an intelligent adventuring seeker known for her love for the outdoors, nature, and being positive!
She is very motivating when she wants things done! She has discovered CrossFit, yoga as well as balancing it with meditation and hiking. It's truly helped her grow both mindfully and physically in so many ways. She has learned more about herself in the last ten years was able to also nurture her inner child and heal inwardly.   You can catch her on the beach or hiking a new mountain every other weekend! Julia loves dogs and children! She is often called an impractical jokester and loves making people laugh! 


 Ashley Grace, a Boston,MA based adventure seeker with a camera stuck in her hand! Ashley owns her own business, aGrace Photography. She has always loved taking photos from concerts to events, to the beautiful people, and the In-Between! You can find out more about that at!

Her entire life has been surrounded by creative humans, and she absolutely loves that. From musicians, tattoo artists, film markers, writers, cannabis farmers, producers, I mean the list goes on, but learning from one another has been truly rad! 

Life is a wild ride, take chances, and run with it is how she's been living lately.