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All Natural ways to relieve migraines using CBD and other herbal remedies

A migraine isn't just a normal headache, it could make your day very challenging!

Usually a migraine only affects one side of the brain but can also affect both sides of the brain, everyone is different.

A migraine could last a few hours to a few days.


CBD can help relieve migraines

CBD is known to alleviate pain and is a natural pain killer.

Cannabis has been researched and studies has shown that its as effective as many pharmaceutical painkillers that are known to reduce migraines.

CBD and other cannabinoids have fewer side-effects that opioid painkillers.

Endocannabinoids are Natural chemicals produced by your body that interact with your endocannabinoid system and regulate important body functions. Their purpose is to maintain homeostasis.

CBD has the power to eliminate pain, improve your mood, metabolism and sleeping schedule.

CBD works with your body's state of homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the way your body keeps it running normal and healthy. CBD helps to level out your homeostasis if it's off balanced.

When you have a migraine you usually have some symptoms of nausea, CBD helps regulating those symptoms.

Inflammation occurs when you have a migraine.

CBD aids in combating inflammation, we created this all natural migraine relief / headache roll on. Made with Connecticut farmed ingredients, CT foraged quartz, CBD infused sweet almond oil and a magical blend of essential oils that also help with migraines.

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