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Women empowering women

I am a woman who has been raised by women. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by strong women who empowered me and encouraged me to never give up on my dreams. I learned from them that being a woman is not a disadvantage, but rather an advantage because of our strength and resilience.

It is because of the support system that I have in my life that I feel compelled to empower other women who are trying to make their way in this world.

Women are often undervalued and underpaid for their work, so we need to support one another as we pursue our careers and aspirations. In doing so, we can help each other create the change we want to see in the world — a world where women are not just valued but also respected.

I have been fortunate enough to find myself in an environment where many amazing women stand up for each other and encourage one another in our career paths. One example is my mentor at work who has helped me grow professionally over the years by offering guidance whenever needed and encouraging me when things get difficult. Another great example is my best friend who always pushes me to be better than yesterday — whether it’s taking on new challenges or improving on old ones!

Many moons ago, we partnered up with a brand called 420pinups.

They are a 100% female-owned & operated Cannabis Photography and Modeling Collective with a team of badass lady photographers who travel the world connecting with their models to create epic cannabis-themed images.

We support them because they have the same beliefs as we do!

Their mission of empowering women promotes the normalization of marijuana use, body positivity, and overall girl power.

To support 420pinups mission, we gave them a code "420pinups" so you can save 10% and support other women empowering other women to be the best they can be!!!!

White CBG Pre rollies
420pinups model Vayda

White CBG pre rollie
420pinups model Ryan

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